The PPPC Scholarship Program was officially launched in 2007 with the original goal of helping its members’ children and any other students interested in pursuing their studies, and career or employment opportunities, in Sales, Marketing, Business, Management, or a related field. The program has evolved since its inception and is now about much more than supporting students financially. It’s also about creating awareness of our incredible industry AND showcasing new talent.

In 2016, PPPC awarded 9 scholarships of $1500, to 9 inspiring, young students.


  • - Jessica Wu, York University

       “I am very appreciative of where I am today, but certainly not comfortable or
       complacent. I am striving to continue trying new things, failing, and doing things
       that frighten me - so that I can continue developing as a strong student and
       aspiring marketer. Scholarships and bursaries, like the PPPC Scholarship, have
       helped me reduce my tuition costs by around 30%. I have made it my goal to try to
       fund my own tuition, through working and other odds and ends, and the PPPC
       scholarship helps me immensely in accomplishing this vision.”

  • - William Mahood, University of Ottawa

       “I am thrilled with where I am at this point in my life. While my
       financial earnings have been modest, I have had the chance to
       work numerous jobs representing well-known companies, as
       well as network at reputable organizations. I would like my
       scholarship to be used to help launch my apparel line through
       the design and creation of certain pieces. Additionally, I may
       choose to invest some of the scholarship money to increase its
       values for when I am ready to apply the rest of it. Wherever my
       entrepreneurial journey takes me, I will always know the continued,
       active role that the PPPC has played and will continue to play in
       my professional and personal success.”

  • - Sarah Ross, Western University

       “I am absolutely honoured to have been chosen as one of
      the recipients of the annual PPPC scholarship. This scholarship
      will be put towards my tuition, and will aid immensely with that.
      I would highly recommend others to apply for this scholarship if
      their interests lie in the business and marketing field. This
      scholarship application forced me to think about my future goals
      and where how my strengths tie into that, something I think many
      people could benefit from. I personally heard about this scholarship
      from my dad who received an email from the PPPC, and I chose
      to participate because I realize the value of education, and this
      allows me to contribute financially to my education.”

  • -Richard Ly, DeGroote School of Business, McMaster University

       “It's all about being a well-rounded individual nowadays - I've gotten
       involved in many different opportunities that have been outside of
       my comfort zone and these experiences have really made my
       university experience unique and gave me and edge in the job
       market. I encourage everyone to do the same as I've met so many
       new people and have gained great tangible experience through
       volunteering and extra-curricular work. It feels amazing to be
       recognized by PPPC for my efforts on and off campus. With this
       financial aid, I will be able to continue to focus on my academics
       and my extra-curricular work at McMaster University.”

  • - Monica Castaneda, Georgian College

       “I am so thankful and honored for the opportunities this scholarship will
      provide me. Not only has this Award helped me financially, it gives me
      the greatest encouragement to strive for the impossible and continue
      to drive other students on their marketing path and involvement in
      the community. I would like to continue my university education in
      Canada. I always embrace new opportunities and I found this award
      a great way to show my achievements, experiences and prove my
      abilities and capabilities during my time short time in Canada.”

  • - Michèle Boucher, l’Université Laval

       « Merci à PPPC pour cette bourse d'études qui me permettra
       de compléter mon BACCALAURÉAT! C'est en présentant ma
       candidature comme étudiante et relève de l'entreprise familiale,
       Creapub Design, en exposant mon parcours, ma passion pour
       la vente et mes ambitions pour l'avenir de l'entreprise que
       cette bourse m'a été octroyée. Mille fois MERCI! »

  • - Melissa White, McGill University

       “I am grateful that PPPC believes in my goals and has awarded me
       with this generous gift! The scholarship will help me significantly in
       being able to pursue my GMAT and related studies. I strongly
       believe that others should follow in my footsteps, as there is a
       lot of opportunity to help create positive change in the business world.
       I was introduced to the PPPC scholarship through one of
       my marketing professors at McGill University and thought
       that it would be a great opportunity to share my aspirations
       with other members of the community, as well as with industry experts
       within the professional products domain.”

  • - Jessica Moore, Georgian College

       “Success is something you will ultimately earn. Therefore,
       I feel as though I have earned my success. I owe it to all
       the opportunities that I was able to grasp. One thing I did
       throughout my studies and education has been to keep
       participating. There is always something worthwhile doing.
       I participated in charity events, sports, industry networking
       parties and competitions. All of which turned out to be very
       rewarding. I made a point of participating in every opportunity
       I could, including this scholarship.
       Thank you PPPC for this opportunity!”

  • - Afroza Damji, Ivey Business School & Western University

       “I am honoured to receive one of the 2016 PPPC Scholarships.
       Upon hearing about the PPPC Scholarship from a former recipient,
       I was eager to apply because I am passionate about marketing
       and its applications. This scholarship will fund my Honours
       Business Administration degree at the Ivey School of Business
       and my Honours Specialization in Political Science at
       Western University. Thank you to the PPPC Scholarship
       committee for inspiring me to continue pursuing my education
       and I encourage all students to enter the scholarship competition.”

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July 14, 2016

Congratulations to the 2016 PPPC Scholarship recipients! See who they are HERE.